• 2017

    The factory of Endoscope system has been finished establishing and put into use

  • 2016

    Win the title of National Example Enterprise of Intellectual Property

  • 2014

    Develop the variable power of drill technology, which means a lot to Bone MIS surgery

  • 2013

    Awarded as National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Applied first international patent: Orthopedic Drilling Sawing Power System

  • 2012

    Adopted the technology of micro-power mode, which replaced the flexible shaft drive technology in surgical power device

    Undertake Twelve-Five National Science and Technology Support Program

  • 2011

    The surgical power device obtained CE certificate

  • 2009

    Publish the Bone Operation of Electric Equipment of national industry standard

  • 2008

    Undertake National Development and Reform Commission Demonstration project

    Organize the volunteer team to take part in the relief work of “5.12 Wenchuan earthquake”

  • 2002

    Establish the development idea: Innovation, Diligence, Integrity, Perseverance

  • 2000

    Determine the orientation of “Professional Medical Device Enterprise” and the principle of “make contributions to human health care”

    On September 2000, the first surgical power device “DK-2000” was successfully manufactured

  • 1999

    On December 23rd , 1999, Xishan Science & Technology was founded at Keyuan 3rd Road, Jiulongpo area Initially, Xishan was operated by selling medical devices

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