Ma Qingyun, Chief Representative of the Welsh Government Office in Chongqing, visited the Xishan T

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On the afternoon of October 17, Ms. Ma Qingyun, the chief representative of the Welsh Government Office in Chongqing, visited Chongqing Xishan Technology Co., Ltd., learned about Xishan Technology's history of medical device products and the plan to enter the global market. Luo Hongping, deputy general manager, and Pan Yangzi, director of the International Business Center, attended the reception.

During the meeting, Deputy General Manager Luo Hongping first introduced the development history of Chongqing Xishan Technology and the enterprise positioning of “Power Surgery Tool Pioneer” and “Minimal Surgery Product Solution Provider”. He hopes that on the basis of advanced and professional surgical equipment and products, Xishan is possible to strengthen the promotion and cooperation among global market and cooperate with the Welsh Government of the United Kingdom in the medical machinery industry.

After listening to the development history and future vision of Xishan Technology, Ms. Ma Qingyun expressed her appreciation for Xishan’s rich and advanced product series and pragmatic and professional style. Ms. Ma introduced that the Welsh region is a precision medical center set up by the British government in 2015. It has technical support from Cardiff Hospital, Swansea Life Science College and Swansea Medical College, including stem cells, neurological rehabilitation, cancer treatment, and regeneration. Medicine and nanotechnology have become the leaders of the UK and the world in the fields of medical applications. The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in technology transformation, product development, marketing and investment, and discussed pragmatic cooperation methods and plans.

The Welsh Government Office in Chongqing aims to promote the interests and influence of the Welsh region of the UK in southwestern China, and is committed to building broad and mutually beneficial relationship for the people of the two places in the field of trade, investment, technology, innovation, education, culture, development and the environment.

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