Xishan Chairman Mr. Guo has been invited to attend annual meeting of the Society of Chongqing Medica

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Chongqing Medical Devices Society of the Forth Session of the fourth annual conference has been successfully hold by Chongqing Institute of Medical Instruments and Clinical Engineering Branch of China Association for medical equipment on Oct 26th, 2018, at Sheraton Hotel. With the subject Strive to Promote the Transformation and Development of Clinical Engineering - Mission and Responsibility, this conference interpreted Chinese laws and regulations related to medical device in combination with typical cases, and explored hot issues such as rational use of medical consumables and reduction of consumption ratio. As the special guest, Xishan general manager Mr. Guo has attended and given a speech.

With the topic of Integration of Medical and Medical Integration to Promote the Development of Medical Devices, Mr. Guo introduced the current status of Xishan products’ technology research and development. He also took Xishan leading technology Change Directional Drilling Technology, Static Saw Technology, Donasal Skull Base Drill Technology as example, sharing the experience of combining medical and industrial development with medical devices, has aroused the resonance of the participants.

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