Xishan achieves good job at COA (Chinese Orthopedics Association) Annual Conference

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Chinese Orthopedics Association Annual Conference(COA) is the biggest international academic annul activity among the whole country in the field of Orthopedics. This year, the COA Conference topics mainly contain Spinal Surgery, Sports Medicine and Arthroscope.

XISHAN presents the Orthopedics equipment and its disposable tools in COA and finally proved attractive, professional, and patient-oriented. In XISHAN satelite symposium, the unique patented technology LBT (Lateral Burring Technology) designed for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery was firstly launched in public, it helps extend spine surgoen’s reach, provides precise and easy operation experience. Also, XISHAN shared the patented invention at COA: The Suspended Oscillating Sawing Blade which designed for reducing injury and bleeding in joint surgery, it helps doctors to better operate with less vibration.
Many professors, doctors and audience attended COA showed their interests in XISHAN patented technology and advanced production, and encourage XISHAN to continually develop more products and obtain more attention over the world.





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