• 2023

    Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel was launched

    High-frequency Surgical Device was launched

    Plasma Surgical Device was launched

  • 2022

    Awarded as national "Little Giant" enterprise

    Won the 23rd China Patent Excellence Award

    Accumulatively drafted 7 national industry standards

    The IPO was approved by Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • 2021

    The construction of XISHAN INDUSTRIAL PARK started

    Spinal endoscopic system was developped 

    4K Ultra HD endoscopic system was developped 

    The total number of patent applications exceeded 1,000

    Awarded as  "Excellent Class A Taxpayer"

  • 2020

    VABB system was launched

    Arthroscopic system was launched

    Awarded as "Chongqing Chief Expert Studio of Biomedical Engineering Discipline"

    Won the A-level taxpayer in Chongqing 

  • 2019

    Established the 1st demonstration center for minimally invasive surgery technology in China

    Won the 1st prize of Chongqing Science & Technology Progress Award

    Won the title of Class A taxpayer in Chongqing

    Became the 1st Chinese official sponsor and supplier of WFNS

  • 2018

    Won the titles of "Chongqing Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "Chongqing Top 100 Innovative Enterprises" and "Little Giant Enterprise"

    Won the 3rd prize in the 2018 "Maker China" National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • 2017

    The endoscope factory (Phase I) was completed and put into use

    Endoscope series products were launched

    Medical high-speed brushless DC micro-motor was successfully developped and manufactured

  • 2016

    Awarded as the National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise

    Awarded as the 18th China Patent Excellence Award
    Established the  Chongqing Engineering Technology Research Center of Powered Surgical Tools


  • 2015

    Invented "Suspended & Sheathed Saw"

    Won the 17th China Patent Excellence Award

    Carriedout research and development of endoscope and energy surgical equipments

  • 2014

     Invented the world's first rigid bendable spinal bur

  • 2013

    Awarded as "National Intellectual Property Dominant Enterprise"

  • 2012

    Jointly undertok the '12th Five-Year" National S&T Support Project'

  • 2011

    Surgical power device & tools were CE marked

  • 2010

    The number of authorized patent reached over 100

  • 2009

    The national industry standard "Electric Bone Tissue Surgical Equipment" drafted by XISHAN was officially released

    The registered trademark "Xishan" was awarded as "Chongqing Famous Trademark"


    Jointly established the "Chongqing Engineering Research Center of Surgical Power Device " with Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • 2008

    Jointly established the "Chongqing Medical Electronic Engineering Technology Research Center" with Chongqing University & Chongqing Medical Device Quality Inspection Center

  • 2007

    We won the "2nd Prize of Chongqing S&T Progress Award"

  • 2006

    Certified as "High-tech Enterprise"

  • 2004

    • Approved by SFDA for drafting the "National Industrial Standard for Surgical Power Devices"
    • Accredited by CMD medical device quality management system certification
  • 2001

    • The 1st patent application was authorized (number: 01206588.9)
    • The 1st registration certification of Surgical Power Device was obtained. 
  • 2000

    In September 2000, the 1st surgical power device DK-2000 for craniotomy was successfully developed.

  • 1999

    On December 23rd 1999, XISHAN S&T was founded.

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