Surgical Power Device

Product Name

Surgical Power Device & Tools

For ENT Surgery



  • Clinical Application

    Used for microscopic & endoscopic ENT surgery;
    Used for drilling bone tissues in transnasal sinus and skull base surgery;
    Used to shave and remove soft tissues such as various nasal polyps, lesions of nasal mucosa, tonsil adenoid hypertrophy, and vocal cord polyps;
    Used for drilling and shaving at nose, epiglottis, larynx, mastoid, cochlear perforation and other bone tissue in inner ear & middle ear surgery.


    Large Touch-screen Console / Footswitch / Micromotor

    ENT Shver Handpiece (hand &foot control) / Telescope Handpiece

    High-speed Handpiece / Micro Bur Handpiece

    Micro Cannulated Drill / Micro Sagittal Saw

    Micro Oscillating Saw / Micro Reciprocating Saw


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