XISHAN launched its revolutionary Sheathed Saw® at the National Joint Surgery Academic Conference

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  On April 7-9, hosted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Orthopedic Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and organized by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, the Chinese Medical Association 2023 National Joint Surgery Academic Conference was held grandly. The rapid advancement of medical technology has promoted the continuous development of China’s orthopedic industry. Better surgical tools help doctors improve their skills and benefit the majority of patients with joint diseases. At the conference, the single-use sterile sheathed saw blade independently developed by XISHAN S&T showed its charm of technological innovation Compared with the traditional saw blade, it offers better accuracy. The remarkable advantages of less trauma, less noise & less weight has been widely recognized by experts.

Opening Ceremony


The chairman of the conference, Professor Wang Kunzheng, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

  Interview of Prof. Li Feng, Director of Orthopedics of Department of Tongji Hospital: The Sheathed Saw exhibited by XISHAN at this conference is undoubtedly an innovation and revolution for traditional tools, and it would play an important role for future tools, it’s also an exploration of the development of such equipment.

  Interview of Prof. Sun Yongqiang, Dean of Henan Orthopedic Hospital and Prof. Liu Guobin, Director of Orthopedics Department: Different from traditional saw blades, Sheathed Saw facilitate the control. Surgeons can directly guide the saw blade with his hands, reduce bone loss and reduce the risk of damage to surrounding soft tissues and collateral ligaments, and avoid pollution caused by metal particles produced. The temperature during the Sheathed Saw osteotomy is 30-40 degrees, which is close to the human body temperature, and the ordinary saw blade reaches 70-80 degrees, causing surface bone cell necrosis. Sheathed Saw are mainly used in joint surgery and joint replacement operations, and have greatly improved in terms of stability and accuracy. The Sheathed Saw can well avoid a large number of bone cell necrosis and shorten the recovery period. With the development trend of intelligence, minimal invasiveness, and precision, the combination of Sheathed Saw and surgical robots will extend the boundaries of surgical applications and benefit more patients with joint diseases.

  Interview of Prof. Wu Lidong from Orthopedics Department at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine With the Sheathed Saw, the trauma to the patient will be smaller, and the osteotomy will be more precise, which is more in line with the development trend of modern joint surgery technology for precise and minimally invasive surgery. It will also bring many benefits to surgeons and patients in clinical operations.

  Interview of Prof. Yang Liu from Southwest Hospital of Military Medical University: The concept of digital orthopedics is defined as the best surgical goal for future orthopedics. Compared with traditional saw blades, Sheathed Saw vibrates significantly less and provides patients with more precise and less invasive treatment. Sheathed Saw not only meets requirement of joint replacement surgery, but also greatly improves the surgical effect when used with surgical robots.

  Interview of Prof. Liu Peilai, Director of Joint & Sports Medicine Department of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University: The development trend of joint surgery is moving towards intelligence, precision and minimal invasiveness. XISHAN Sheathed Saw plays an important role in joint surgery. At present, in robotic surgery the preoperative design is already very accurate, but compared with the traditional pendulum saw, the implementation needs to be combined with a Sheathed Saw to reduce the loss of bone cut and soft tissue damage, making the operation more precise and minimally invasive, and better benefiting the majority of joint diseases patient. Thanks to the protective sheath, XISHAN Sheathed Saw has almost zero radial runout, which effectively avoids tissue and ligament damage on both sides, reduces the risk of patient infection caused by metal particles, and greatly reduces the generation of bone debris, avoiding unclear surgical vision. The Sheathed Saw is used in the operation, and the doctor can directly guide the oscillating saw with his hand. The Sheathed Saw cuts delicately, and the osteotomy surface is smoother than the traditional saw blade, which can preserve the normal bone quality to the maximum extent, reduce the risk of secondary revision, and benefit the patient's postoperative recovery.

  Interview of Prof. Zhou Zongke, Director of Orthopedics Department of, West China Hospital, Sichuan University The advantage of Sheathed Saw over traditional saw blades is that they can provide patients with more precise and minimally invasive treatment options. The Sheathed Saw is a medical-industrial integration product that is perfectly realized based on the surgeons clinical demand with the help of engineers. Surgeons are based on clinical operations and hope to create and improve medical devices. Engineers have technical methods, but they do not understand the needs of operations. This barrier hinders the innovative development of medical-industrial integration. How to promote medical-industrial integration and develop innovative medical devices with independent IP, promote the clinical application of scientific research results, solve clinical problems, benefit more patients, and are also related to the realization of the grand goal of "Healthy China 2023".



 XISHAN Sheathed Saw is currently a domestic brand that has mastered this technology. XISHAN will continue to satisfy the clinical needs of patients and surgeons, insist on independent research and development, explore the high-efficiency model of medical-industrial integration with surgeons, promote communication and cooperation in the field of precision medical-industrial integration, help surgeons integrate cutting-edge technologies across disciplines and fields and apply it to medical practice to better benefit the public.

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