XISHAN’S Market Events in Neurosurgery XISHAN At The China Cerebral Hemorrhage Conference

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  The China Cerebral Hemorrhage Conference was grandly held in Beijing from April 19th to 21st, 2024.XISHAN focused on the "Enhancing doctor expertise,Aiding patient rehabilitation ," showcasing the 4K Ultra High-definition Endoscopic System, Surgical Power Devices, and Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel Devices at the conference. XISHAN provided full technical support to assist the successful hosting of the conference and training course, receiving unanimous praise from many clinical experts in neurosurgery.


  The conference was led by Academician Ji Xunming, with Professor Hu Zhiqiang's team's organization,launched academic exchanges and discussions,which focused on hot topics,including proactive prevention, drug therapy, pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency procedures, standardized surgical treatment, neuroendoscopic surgical treatment, and precise robot positioning. It aimd to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of precise minimally invasive endoscopic treatment for cerebral hemorrhage in China!


  Group Photo


  Professor Zhu Guangtong demonstrated the endoscopic device


  Trainee handed-on practice

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